Bonds Issue In Switzerland

Bci has issued bonds in the Swiss market, as part of its strategy of diversification of international financing sources

Serie Amount (US$) Issue date Maturity date Annual interest rate Interest payment See details
CH1142512339 200,000,000 Jan/5/2022 Apr/26/2027 0,5994% Annual See details
CH1120085696 100,000,000 Jul/15/2021 Dec/15/2026 0,385% Annual See details
CH0506071239 125,000,000 Mar/18/2020 Sep/18/2026 0,100% Annual See details
CH0505011889 105,000,000 Oct/29/2019 Oct/29/2025 0,250% Annual See details
CH0494734376 100,000,000 Sep/24/2019 Sep/24/2029 0,250% Annual See details
CH0471298007 175,000,000 May/22/2019 Nov/22/2024 0,400% Annual See details
Total 805,000,000