History of the Brand


Our history through our brand

  1. 1955

    Logo made up of the first letters of Banco de Crédito e Inversiones, to symbolize our mission of being a genuine partner for hardworking entrepreneurs.

  2. 1964

    The hourglass is incorporated as the logo to symbolize the high value we give to our clients’ time.

  3. 1978

    Implementation of the first online bank, strengthening our statement of how much we value client’s time by offering continuity in service throughout all branches in the country.

  4. 1991

    The modernization process begins, following the payment of subordinated debt, giving our clients, employees and investors added tranquility and solvency.

  5. 1992

    The hourglass is brought to new life with the now brand-defining red, yellow, green and blue colors, in a style symbolic of Miró, and expressing happiness, modernity and vision for the future.

Character Logos

In line with our close relationship we maintain with our clients, in 2004 we created four characters based on our logo that represent the brand and its values.

  1. First Character Logos

    Yellow is the leader and action.
    It represents track record and leadership.

  2. 2004

    Red is fun and joy.
    It represents the colors.

  3. 2006

    Blue is supportive and the facilitator.
    It represents trust and empathy.

  4. Hoy

    Green is creativity and reason.
    It represents support and innovation.


Our brand pillars are communicated through TV advertising.

  1. Shared Value

  2. Customer Experience

  3. Innovation

  4. Bci Accesible