Security Protocols

The Bank internet processes are certified under the ISO 27001 standard for information security. This certification was obtained after a thorough review and documentation process of the web services and the components used to deliver them.

Bci was the first bank in Latin America to develop a backup model: datacenter active-active (two datacenter are running simultaneously). In the event of any incident that could affect one of the datacenter the other one will still be running, allowing us to provide an uninterrupted banking service.

Bci was the first bank to require the registration of the recipient account data before executing any fund transfer, increasing the security in this process considerably. Bci launched the virtual credit card, which allows the client to use it on websites. By this way, our clients don’t expose their real or physical credit card. Moreover, the virtual credit card could be use during the following 24 hours with a maximum amount defined previously by the client. This solutions substantially increases safety in the use of credit cards on Web sites.

Bci developed the EV (Extra Validation) model in 2012, which is a security system that validates the legitimacy of the Bank's web site. This means, that when the client enters in our website, the browser toolbar will get green only if the bank web encrypted certificate is approved, assuring the client that the website is from the bank and not from a hacker. The encryption security codes use 2,000 bits (the highest standard of the market in this kind of services).