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Cummulative and consolidated results, August 2013


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Bci ranked 1st place in Corporate Transparency 2013

SEP Thursday 12

Bci received the 2013 most Transparent Corporation in Chile award, recognition that gives Bci the leadership even in a global scale.
This award was given by the Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile Transparente, KPMG and Inteligencia de Negocios company consultancies, who evaluated the available relevant information regarding business operations in areas such as "Corporate business and Structure", "Corporate Governance", "Financial Information", "Interest Taxpayer", "Sustainability" and "Digital Tools".
This evaluation was done over a universe of 97 issuing companies which belongs to the General Price Index (IGPA: Indice General de Precios de Acciones).
For more information visit:www.udd.cl/noticias/2013/09/06/seminario-transparencia-corporativa-2013-4

Sep Wednesday 11

Principles and criteria of the Resolutions to be put forth at Bci´s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on September 26, 2013
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