· Our Vision in Action 2014 ·

We aspire to be regional leaders in innovation,
nearness and customer experience, and be recognized
as the best place to work and grow.



  • First place in the bank category with the best innovation culture in Chile according to the ranking of the Most Innovative Companies in Chile 2014 made by the ESE Business School of Universidad de los Andes.
  • eCommerce Award in the “Best Mobile Initiative for eCommerce” category for developing segmented mobile applications. This is awarded by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce with the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce.
  • The Best Place to Innovate organization ranked Bci in first place for the second year running in the innovation category in the financial sector.
  • Five new mobile applications for customers: Company App, Corporate and Institutional Banking App, Private Banking App, Con Letra Grande App and Employee Noticeboard 1.0. These applications were in addition to the applications already available, which cover Bci Personal Banking, Bci Preferential Banking, TBanc, Bci SME Banking, E-Factoring and Bci Investment.
  • Bci created the ATM Integral Monitoring Center (CEMCO) to be leaders of ATM security and permanent monitoring.


Customer experience


  • The specialized consultant IZO and Universidad de los Andes ranked Bci as the bank offering the Best Customer Experience in the Chilean financial sector.
  • First place in the National Customer Satisfaction Index in the large bank category. This survey is made by ProCalidad, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Adimark, Praxis and Capital magazine.
  • The Bank continued to develop the Bci+1% Customers program, which creates continuous improvement opportunities in work teams. In 2014, leaders and their teams implemented over 1,000 ideas that arose in their listen-to meetings.
  • The problem perception rate dropped 2% in 2014.
  • Average monthly complaints decreased by 24% on 2013 and the response time for complaints made to bodies like the SBIF and SERNAC (National Consumer Agency) was cut by 61%.
  • The Bci company segment obtained first place for large bank satisfaction, according to the Servitest 2014 poll made by Ipsos.
  • In 2014, the Bank implemented 60 ideas transversal to the Corporation that benefit employees and/or customers.


Best place to work


  • Seventh place in the ranking made by Great Place to Work and Capital magazine. This was an eight-place improvement on the 2013 ranking.
  • Third place in the large corporation category of the ranking made by Fundación Chile Unido and the Ya magazine supplement of El Mercurio newspaper.
  • Most Responsible Company with the Best Corporate Governance in Chile, third company with the Best Corporate Reputation in Chile, and the sixth most attractive company to work for in Chile, according to a survey conducted by the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation (MERCO).
  • Third place in the Most Admired Company in Chile ranking, made by PWC Chile and Diario Financiero. This survey assesses different factors like innovation capacity, product and service quality and corporate image.
  • Improvements to the Días Flexibles (Flexible Days) program, which gives employees 21 options for the better use of their time.
  • The Bank promoted the Fondos Concursables (Social Enterprise Fund) program in the regions, which co-finances group initiatives at national level in the sports and cultural areas.
  • 9,500 recognitions at corporate level in the Semana del Reconocimiento (Week of Recognition) initiative, whose aim is to promote a culture of recognition among peers, leaders and employees.
  • Overall improvement in the indicators of the organizational climate survey conducted by CDO Consulting Group. The leadership index increased by 2.2%.