General Information

  • For matters related to social responsibility, communities, or corporate communications, contact the Department of Communications and CSR: [email protected].
  • For matters relating to equity and debt investors contact the Investor Relations Department: [email protected]


Banco de Crédito e Inversiones S.A stock is traded in Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, Bolsa Electrónica de Chile and Bolsa de Valores de Valparaíso.

The 18,046 law established a minimum dividend requirement, which is 30% of the previous year profit. At the shareholders ordinary meeting held on March 2018, it was approved the distribution of 35.32% of 2017 profit, thus fulfilling the minimum dividend established by law.

Dividends are paid once they are approved at the shareholders annual meeting, which is held every year. Starting that day, dividends are paid through payment to checking accounts and virtual cashier’s checks.

  • The payments to Bci accounts and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement / Electronic Transfers to other banks) are paid on the same day.
  • Payments to other banks (non RTGS) the next day
  • Cashier’s checks can be withdrawn at any branch of the country for 90 days. After this period, they must be requested at DCV Records.

Yes, you can request payment to checking account from any bank in DCV records.

  • Contact DCV Records.
    Web page: [email protected].
    Telephone: 23939003
  • Bci Shares and Custody Division
    Telephones: 26928564 / 26928565 / 26927413.

Request to DCV Records. [email protected]. Telephone: 23939003.

Request to DCV Records. [email protected]. Telephone: 23939003.